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Maypole Movers

pre-school classes

Maypole Movers 

parties and events

Mini Maypole classes are mesmerising classes for 3 and 4 year olds combining rhythm, music, dance, social cooperation and fun.

To find out about classes in your area click here

We can run your child's birthday party with Maypole Dancing fun and games! Or how about treating your wedding guests or party guests to an unforgettable Maypole Dancing experience. Great fun for hen parties too!

We can run 'have a go' sessions at festivals, fetes and garden parties. We will engage your visitors with all the fun of creating fabulous patterns and remembering a great British (and worldwide!) tradition.

Contact us here to find out how we can bring this magnificent experience to you. 

Maypole Movers

for schools

We can run school workshops for all Key Stages. The workshops provide skills in teamwork, British Values, history, problem solving and physical activity.

We can run whole day workshops so all students can have a go, a series of workshops to prepare a performance, after school clubs and teacher training. 

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